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Normandy, a region in northern France, is renowned for its rich history and beautiful coastline. The beaches in Normandy are famous for their historical significance and natural beauty. One of the most popular beaches here is Ecalgrain Bay, which offers stunning cliffs and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for hiking and photography. It is also a favourite spot for birdwatchers, offering sights of Herring Gulls, Shags and Oystercatchers. Cabourg's sand dune and beach are ideal for family outings, with soft sand and a lively boardwalk featuring many shops and restaurants.

Carolles Beach is known for its dramatic cliffs and is a great spot for paragliding and exploring tidal pools, offering a glimpse of marine life. Gouville-sur-Mer features iconic colourful beach huts and is excellent for kite surfing and swimming. Carteret Beach, with its golden sands and clear waters, is perfect for sunbathing and coastal walks. Each of these Normandy beaches combines history and recreation, offering a unique experience for every visitor.

Beaches in Normandy

Ecalgrain Bay

Discover Écalgrain Bay, a secluded haven nestled among the dramatic cliffs of Normandy's west coast. Located a short drive from Cherbourg, just north of the cliffs of Nez de Jobourg, it is one of the best beaches in Normandy for those seeking solitude and natural beauty. This hidden treasure boasts a unique blend of golden sands, rugged rocks, and verdant pastures, all set against a backdrop of towering cliffs. Explore the scenic walking paths that wind along the bay, offering breathtaking views of this picturesque landscape.

Étretat Beach

Étretat Beach, an iconic gem on the Alabaster Coast of Normandy, is renowned for its striking white cliffs and majestic arches sculpted by the relentless sea. Stroll along the pebble beach and marvel at the Falaises d'Aval, the towering cliffs that have inspired artists and writers for centuries. Venture through hidden tunnels at low tide, leading you to secluded beaches tucked away beneath the cliffs. This breathtaking destination, located between Le Havre and Fécamp, is a must-visit for any traveller exploring Normandy.

Sand dune and beach of Cabourg

The expansive sandy shores of Cabourg are known for their golden sands and rolling dunes. This charming seaside resort, known for its Belle Époque architecture and lively promenade, offers a delightful escape on the Normandy beaches. Unwind on the beach, soak up the sun, and take leisurely strolls along the shoreline, or explore the town's many shops and restaurants. Located north of Caen on the Côte Fleurie, Cabourg is easily accessible and provides a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Beach of Saint-Pierre-en-Port

Tucked away on the Alabaster Coast, just north of Fécamp, the beach of Saint-Pierre-en-Port exudes an untouched charm, making it a hidden gem among the beaches in Normandy. Explore the rocky shoreline, marvel at the colourful cliffs overlooking the English Channel, and witness the locals gathering fresh seafood. You can also enjoy swimming, sunbathing and hiking around the cliffs here. This serene beach offers a peaceful retreat from the crowds and a chance to connect with nature's bounty.

Carolles Beach

Carolles Beach, with its vast expanse of fine sand, is a picturesque gem nestled in the Manche district of Normandy, near the charming town of Carolles. This expansive beach welcomes visitors with its breathtaking views of towering cliffs and the sparkling waters of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The beach offers gentle waves perfect for swimming and paddling, and rock pools abundant with marine life to explore. During low tide, the vast sand flats become a paradise for beachcombing and kite flying.

Arromanches Beach

Arromanches Beach holds a significant place in history as one of the D-Day landing sites. Walk along the wide, sandy beach and discover remnants of the artificial harbour, Port Winston, a testament to the brilliance of the Allied forces. Explore the town's charming streets and immerse yourself in the rich history of the coastal community here. Located north of Bayeux in the Calvados district of Normandy, Arromanches Beach ranks among the top Normandy beaches.


Gouville-sur-Mer offers a serene escape with its long stretches of sandy beach, perfect for leisurely walks. At low tide, witness the oyster beds and admire the distant lighthouse. The colourful beach huts nestled among the dunes add a touch of whimsy to this tranquil setting. Located north of Granville on Normandy's west coast, Gouville-sur-Mer is a hidden gem. The area is also known for its delicious seafood, particularly oysters, which are a local speciality. 

Antifer beach

Antifer Beach is located on the Alabaster Coast, just north of Le Havre. It offers a unique perspective on the region's iconic cliffs, showcasing their vibrant orange and green hues. Far from the bustling crowds, this secluded beach provides a peaceful haven for relaxation and contemplation. You can also explore the picturesque town of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, located just a short drive away from the beach. With its charming streets and local shops, the town adds to the appeal of this tranquil beach.

Carteret Beach

Carteret Beach is situated on Normandy's west coast near the town of Barneville-Carteret. It boasts a beautiful stretch of sand and charming blue bathing cabins, remnants of the region's seaside bathing traditions. Explore the nearby Cap de Carteret or venture to the neighbouring beach of Barneville-Carteret for even more coastal delights. Carteret Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Normandy for families and water sports enthusiasts, offering a variety of activities for all ages.

FAQs for Beaches in Normandy

What are the best beaches to explore in Normandy?

Normandy boasts a diverse selection of stunning beaches, each with unique charm. Nature lovers will be captivated by Étretat's dramatic cliffs and pebble beach, while families will appreciate the wide sandy shores of Granville or Deauville. Other notable beaches in Normandy include Trouville-sur-Mer, Cabourg, and Barneville-Carteret, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and recreational activities.

Why is Ecalgrain Bay famous?

Ecalgrain Bay stands out among the beaches in Normandy for its unique geological features and sheltered location. Nestled on the rugged Cap de la Hague peninsula, it is known for its pebble beach, dramatic cliffs, and the imposing rock formation called "Le Nez de Jobourg." Additionally, it is a popular destination for hikers and photographers, offering stunning views of the English Channel.

What is the best time to visit Antifer Beach?

Antifer Beach is great to visit throughout the year. However, the ideal time for a visit is during the summer months, from June to September. This peak season draws crowds with warm weather and calm waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Numerous events like concerts, festivals, and markets create a lively atmosphere. However, for a more peaceful experience, visit during spring or fall. This is when the beach is less crowded, and accommodations are often more affordable. This is a great time for leisurely walks, nature photography, or simply unwinding by the sea. While colder and potentially rainy, winter offers a unique charm. The dramatic waves crashing against the cliffs provide stunning visuals, and the deserted beaches offer unparalleled solitude.

Why is Normandy famous?

Normandy is world-renowned for its historical significance, particularly the D-Day landing beaches that played a pivotal role in World War II. Beyond this, the region captivates visitors with its idyllic countryside landscapes and charming towns brimming with character. The beaches in Normandy and the awe-inspiring Mont Saint-Michel abbey also make the region famous.


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